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Open Source Technologies has come up with the main aim to deliver high-quality Online IOT Training Sessions to all the career aspiring people to enhance technical skills in both theoretical and practical way. One can easily aspire with wide variety of career, professional and Certification Program which is mainly designed to reach Industry standards in the IT world. Learn to meet the security, analytics and testing requirement for IoT applications to get plenty opportunities to make the experience with real-time scenarios.

Course Overview

Internet of Things is shortly called as IoT that is set to sweep the globe and become billion Industry by 2020. IoT is completely increasing being hailed in the tech and the other industries as the predictable future in internet and computing. IOT is an overall field where everyone right from the domain of electronics to mechanical and computer science to find a place. To understand more about IOT and analytics in a comprehensive way, one must surely attend IoT Online Training Program at Open Source Technologies.

Open Source Technologies IOT Online Certification Training Program helps the audience to leverage concept in every module with inventions and innovations to become norms in the coming years. The course curriculum is designed by Industry Expertise to acquire basic knowledge of electronic circuit design, microcontrollers, and programming languages. Online IoT Training at Open Source Technologies helps the audience to gain advanced concepts and design methodologies to design IOT systems and develop IoT applications. It is mainly to expose the participants to communication technologies and legacy protocols and with specific IOT developed applications and physical layer protocols.

"Internet of Things (IoT) - The Next Big Thing in the IT Industry"

Learning Modules

Upon completion of IOT Online Training Sessions, aspirants can easily build in-depth subject knowledge skill set in every corner to face real-world challenges with ease.

  • Enhances knowledge in Interfacing sensor (Analog and Digital) with MCUs
  • Leverages knowledge in Interfacing sensors and other peripherals using SPI and I2C communication protocols
  • Installation of Numpy, Panda, IoT analytics and many other python packages
  • Interfacing switches and LEDs with MCUs
  • Installation and Working with Ipython notebooks
  • Learning python fundamentals and programming
  • Configuring Bluetooth module by using AT commands
  • Setting up wireless Bluetooth link between systems
  • Programming ESP8266 module using LUA and Micro python to access and upload data on cloud
  • Setting up HTTP server and testing HTTP methods on localhost and with cloud
  • Understanding TCP and IP protocol and pushing and pulling data from the cloud using Restful APIs.
  • Setting up MQTT server and testing publish & subscribe methods
  • Understanding differences between TCP and UDP protocols practically
  • Setting up a private cloud/server on Raspberry Pi

Intended Audience

More than 80% of the Organizations are investing on the Internet of Things Technology that shows results of IoT initiatives with an average increment. The audience who wants to make career graph in the trending technology must surely prefer Open Source Technologies IoT Online Training.

  • Students who want their future growth in Embedded and Robotics Industry
  • Robotics enthusiasts who wanted to accomplish the task which is impossible
  • Any graduate student of any year and any branch is eligible to opt this course
  • College teaching staff as well as faculties
  • Coordinators
  • Fresher’s and graduates can take up this IOT Online Training course

What are the Pre-Requisites of this course?

The audience who wants to make a career in IOT Technology must surely have basic knowledge in C, C++, Embedded C to take Online IOT Training at Open Source Technologies.

Why Is IoT Technology In Great Demand?

Internet of Things completely extends the Internet from most used devices like portable computers and desktop applications, tablets and smartphones to a variant of devices and everyday things that are utilized embedded technology and act with some of the external surroundings through the Internet.

"As the Internet of Things (IoT) gains an ever-larger foothold in the market, value-added resellers are rapidly becoming top resources when it comes to security issues, selection of different IoT platforms, and overall advantages for businesses of every size".

IOT Expertise are in great demand where most of the Organizations are investing on this trending technology to boost organizational revenues. One can easily derive deep insight from the Internet of Things Online Training to boost skills from the Open Source Technologies to be future ready.

What is the Internet of Things and why does it matter?

The Internet of Things has come up into the reality due to the convergence of different technologies. The 'Thing' is considered as the object with embedded electronics that can easily transfer data over networks without any human interaction. With the combination of IoT data with cognitive computing, businesses can easily extract valuable insights to improve virtually every aspect of the respective operations with new business models and enable innovative to boost revenues. IOT helps in the transforming the way of living, working and play and it makes life easier with complete smart devices in the home.

Surely, it will be a great career start for the Professional aspiring audience by taking Online IOT Training at Open Source Technologies.

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